It's easy to get started publishing and printing your books.  

What is DSM Management System?

DSM will manage your writing and publishing project from start to finish.  Your job is to Write your Book!  After your manuscript is finished DSM will complete the process for you.

From Page Layout, Story Editing, Creative Content Advisory, to Printing, copyrights and Digital Rights Management DSM is the perfect source to turn to..

Logging in

Each author will be provided with a Portal where they can perform all the functions necessary to take your manuscript from its roughest form to a published final project.

To login to your site use the user name and password that were created as part of the installation process. Once logged-in you will be able to create and edit your manuscript..

Creating an Manuscript

Once you are logged-in, a new menu will be visible. To create a new article, click on the "Submit My Manuscript" link on that menu.

From the main page you can view the Manuscript, edit the manuscript, add graphics, check progress and much more.